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Not doing any classes in the early spring

I’ve gotten several emails about classes, so I thought I’d post this update. I’ve decided not to start the class this spring. I’m not sure when I may start dong them. There are others doing the class but I do not know them.

Barricade Updated to Version 2.0

Apple just approved Version 2.0 of my Barricade iPhone App! It should show up in your updates in the App Store on the phone sometime within the next 24 Hours. I added the ability to change the number of Half-value layers and added Selenium 75 as an isotope selection. Be sure to watch the App…

X-Ray Timer App

NEW for iOS 10.  Now at Version 4.0. This is an application to replace the aggravating usage of slide rules to calculate radiography shot times.  It is applicable to Industrial Radiographers working with radioactive materials (not x-ray machines)….

Barricade App now on iPod Touch

When I first uploaded it to iTunes, I accidently put the setting as iPhone only. I corrected it and now you can install and use the barricade calculator app on your iPod touch now….

January Class Completed Successfully

Thanks to all the students who attended! If anyone is interested in a February class let us know.

Lousiana Radiographer Exam

I just wanted to put a few things to remeber about the state examination and notes for studying for it. The exam has 125 questions, but only 100 of the questions count.  Some of the questions are for statistical analysis and validation purposes.  You DO NOT get credit for these if you get them correct. …