Barricade for Android



An Industrial Radiography Barricade Calculator for double checking your barricade or Restricted Area.

The app calculates four numbers that can be handy when performing radiography. The distance with your collimator and shielding, the distance without them (in case the open end of the collimator is unavoidably pointing towards a barricade, the emergency distance (worse case scenario of no shielding and 2 mR/hr), and also the maximum allowable survey meter reading at the barricade when performing compliance verifications.

The dose rate reading is rounded off at 0.1 precision level so don’t push the readings to the limit. More room is better.

The distances are ALL rounded up to the next whole number if they are not a whole number. For example, 50.001 feet will display as 51 feet. And decimal point whatsoever will cause the answer to be rounded up to the next whole number.

I only have the input for time in Minutes. There is a reason for it. If you have such a short time of exposure that the total amount of all exposures is less than 1 minute, you can afford to round up. The distances will be really short. If you are shooting 5 minutes and 30 seconds I would recommend putting at least 6 minutes in you calculations, if not 7, or 8, or 10.

The same goes with curies. It wouldn’t hurt to over estimate your curies. Complying with the regulations by having a little more barricade than needed is better than having too little.

These calculations are your responsibility and this is just made for you to double check yourself. No responsibility for compliance is accepted.

Not doing any classes in the early spring

I’ve gotten several emails about classes, so I thought I’d post this update.

I’ve decided not to start the class this spring.

I’m not sure when I may start dong them.

There are others doing the class but I do not know them.

Lousiana Radiographer Exam

I just wanted to put a few things to remeber about the state examination and notes for studying for it.

The exam has 125 questions, but only 100 of the questions count.  Some of the questions are for statistical analysis and validation purposes.  You DO NOT get credit for these if you get them correct.  The bad news, you have no idea which questions count and which ones do not, so treat all of them as if they count.

You have 3 hours to finish the test.  Be soure to answer all the questions.  Even if you have to guess you have a 25% chance of getting it correct.

The test schedule may be found on the Lousiana DEQ website at the bottom of this page (There are lots of documents of the page, it is in the last section toward the botton of the page.  I didn’t put a direct link to the file because they change the link sometimes).

Bring a calculator you are comfortable with and I would recomend bring a cheap backup.  You can find cheap ones with a suare root function as cheap as $1.

I ususally use disposable mechanical pencils that are marked for #2 lead.  The reason I use these is they are always sharp and that seems to make it easier to fill in the ovals on the answer sheet.

Last, whatever you do,  DO NOT PANIC!!!

The test is designed so that you will be nervous and fell bad and uncomfortable when leaving the test.  expect that and don’t let it panic you.  However, do not underestimate the test, it is dificult and you must prepare for it.