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Barricade Updated to Version 2.0

Apple just approved Version 2.0 of my Barricade iPhone App! It should show up in your updates in the App Store on the phone sometime within the next 24 Hours. I added the ability to change the number of Half-value layers and added Selenium 75 as an isotope selection. Be sure to watch the App…

iPhone Apps Working in iOS4

Apple renamed the iPhone Operating System to iOS4 for the fourth version. This is because it runs the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, not just the iPhone. I have access to the pre-release version as a developer and am running it on my phone now. Barricade and X-Ray Timer work the same as always so don’t…

Barricade and Shot Timer work on the iPad

I tested them both and they are both functional on the iPad. I’m curious how many techs may get these for use in the field.

X-Ray Timer App

NEW for iOS 10.  Now at Version 4.0. This is an application to replace the aggravating usage of slide rules to calculate radiography shot times.  It is applicable to Industrial Radiographers working with radioactive materials (not x-ray machines)….

Barricade App now on iPod Touch

When I first uploaded it to iTunes, I accidently put the setting as iPhone only. I corrected it and now you can install and use the barricade calculator app on your iPod touch now….

Barricade Calculator App

** Version 2.1 in App Store Now – Be Sure to Update** Added ability to to use additional shielding other than the collimator. This is a very handy utility for Industrial Radiographers. Ever get tired of using a clumsy slide rule to make radiation calculations?  Or, even worse, doing them by hand with a pencil and…